[Full Version Release] 東方夢旧市 ~ Glory of Deep Skies

Ah, the days are getting longer once again. Hello, sun, welcome back~
Greetings, we at ΤαΣ are pleased to make another announcement!

Touhou Project "Omega #1"
 「東方夢旧市 (Touhou Mukyuushi) ~ Glory of Deep Skies.」

has been released in full!
Please view it at the bottom of this blog post for the download link.

This patch contains the remainder of the main story.

Remember, every Elemental Burst comes with its own way of beating the game.
We'd love to know what your favourite style is!

Without further ado, as promised, here is a link to the download page. Please enjoy!
【 Download here 】

Topic : Touhou Project
Genre : Games



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